Boxed Godzilla Bootleg


This here Godzilla is actually a pretty good looking bootleg toy. As a matter of fact, if ya didn't know bootleg toys existed, you would probably think that this is a real toy.


Well, here is the toy. As you can see, it's a bootleg of the Godzilla from the 1998 movie. 
This figure stands nine inches tall. I have no idea which Godzilla figure mold was used as the basis for the toy. But the color scheme appears to be pretty accurate for a bootleg toy.
The figure features articulation at the arms, legs and tail.

Here is the most impressive thing about this bootleg toy. The bootleggers did quite a job with the packaging. As usual, no trademarks or copyrights anywhere. 
The bootleggers did get the Godzilla packaging down pretty good. Heh. They even pasted a pic of the Godzilla figure along with it's action features.






Here is the back of the box. The box measures about 11" X 10". See that yellow circle? I think that is supposed to be a silhouette of Godzilla. Printed above the silhouette are the words "Collectible Items". That is plastered all over the box too. 

All in all, this is one well made bootleg toy. The packaging is really something. And believe me, I paid a hefty price for this thing. If it would have been your basic cheesy bootleg toy packaging, the price would have been considerably lower.