Boxed Spider-Man Movie Figure

Okay, here we are just two weeks after the Spider-Man movie has opened. Already the bootleg toys have hit the market. I know that's probably not a record. But I was actually pretty surprised to see such a wide variety of Spider-Man movie bootleg toys pop outta the woods. 
So like, for some reason, I'm a total sucker for bootleg toys that come boxed. Probably cuz I don't see them too often. But lately there has been a whole bunch of boxed bootleg toys showing up. Superman, Batman, Spider-Man...
Well, here's a Spider-Man movie bootleg toy. The first of a few that you'll eventually find on this site. 


Here ya go! What we have here is an eight inch tall Spider-Man figure. The guy has only nine points of articulation. It's hard to tell here, but Spidey's eyes and the web outline on his costume are both painted silver. Sorry. But in my haste to get an update to the site, I forgot to take a close up pic of the figure.
That thing that looks like a round shield isn't one. I think it is actually a stand for the five inch figures. The weapons look awful familiar. As a matter of fact, I almost almost positive that they are the sames ones that came with the 10 inch boxed Superman figure known as Superhero. Granted, the bootleggers did give one of the accessories a "spidey" twist.
The box this bad boy comes in is pretty sturdy for a bootleg toy box. Usually, the boxed figures come in boxes that are already halfway smashed to hell. But this one is a couple of notches above the norm. The box measures roughly 13" X 10" X 2". The back of the box features pics of figures from the Spider-Man movie toy line. While the bootleggers were nice enough to include a barcode, this box features the normal lack of copyright or trademark logos seen on "real" toy packaging. All in all, this is one sweet bootleg toy.