Boxed Star Wars Bootleg Figures

This particular line of bootleg Star Wars toys have shown up in the Phillippine Islands. Now I personally didn't aquire them myself. Another collector who also enjoys picking up bootleg toys hooked me up with them. The guy goes by the name of Alan Munguia. 
Get this. Alan visited my site. He emailed me and told me all about the bootleg toys he has seen in the PI. Then the guy just up and sends me a ton of bootleg Star Wars toys. Doesn't ask for anything in return. He just sent them to me. Thank God I was able to hook him up with some toys that he didn't have. 
These figures are just the first portion of what Alan sent me. I think these are probably the coolest of the bunch. That's why I am showing them to ya first. You can expect to see the rest of the toys Alan sent me on this site soon. 
But take a look at these toys. They are really pretty cool. 

Below is a shot of the toys and how they come packaged. There are six boxes all wrapped together. The boxes measure 3.5" X 2.5" X 1" and are made out of  flimsy cardboard.


This is one side of the box the toys come in. It's my guess that the five figures pictured are probably in this bootleg toy line.


The other side of the two of the boxes. This side features pics of the characters in the box. 
All six of the boxes I have feature Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. 
I'm willing to bet though, that there are boxes that feature Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and Chewbacca.



Now get a load of the actual toys. These are basically models that you have to put together. On the left is Luke Skywalker and on the right is Han Solo. 
The figures come in three separate pieces. The head and weapons are one piece, the torso is another. The legs and arms are the third piece. Notice that the bootleggers didn't concern themselves with matching the colors? 


Here's another little nugget that Alan sent me. This gum is sold in the Phillippine Islands. Only get a load of the name. Not Star Wars Gum. But instead, Stars War Gum.
There is supposed to be ten pieces of bubble gum in each package. But I only counted five in one package and four in another. 


I gotta tell ya that I just love the boxed line of bootleg toys. Why? Because they are just so unique in terms of the packaging and the fact that you have to put them together. 
Hey everybody! Let's give Alan a big Bootleg Toy hand! If it weren't for him, none of us bootleg toy collectors would ever know that these toys exist. 
Thanks Alan!

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