Boxed X Team Bootleg

This is a boxed X Men bootleg figure. Now I only have one figure in this particular line. I have no idea if any others were made. 
Let's take a look.....

This is the back of the box the figure comes in. All the X Men artwork has been hijacked by the bootleggers. There is no doubt in my mind that the artwork is taken from X Men comic books.


This artwork has been placed at the bottom of the front of the box. Again, the artwork has been hijacked from other sources. 
Oh, by the way, the bootleggers didn't bother making a very good copy of the artwork. 
Does anybody recognize that Wolverine in the middle of the pic? That is also hijacked from another X Men toy line.



Here is the figure. It's Gambit. He stands approximately ten  and a half inches tall. This figure is made of a hollow rubber like material. There really isn't much articulation to this figure. You can rotate his arms at the elbows and his legs at the knees. But you cannot bend them. 
The only really neat thing about this figure is the fact that the bootleggers placed the icons from a deck of playing cards in his hands. 


Here is the Cyclops figure in this series. Like Gambit, Cyclops suffers from that weird articulation. 

Here is probably the most bizarre of the three figures. Wolverine. 
Wolverine doesn't have claws. But his fingers are freaking long. I guess that was the bootleggers way of making up for the lack of claws.