Iron Man Bootleg Figures

This set of bootleg toys are from Brazil. Based on the pics on the back of the card these toys are mounted on, this bootleg toy series sports five bootleg figures from the 1996 Iron Man toy series. Pictured on this site are three of the toys from this line. 


Like other bootleg toys from Brazil, this series of figures come on a card that is much more compact than the "real" toys. The card measures in at 10" X 6.5". The card is a Iron Man Samurai card. Naturally, that isn't a Iron Man Samurai figure on the card pictured above.  There's a barcode on the card back. But naturally, no references to Toy Biz ( the real toy manufacturer) at all.
Y'know, there are some Fantastic Four toys pictured on the back with the Iron Man figures. Makes me wonder if there is a FF bootleg toy series out there in Brazil too. 


I'm pretty sure that this is the Iron Man Inferno Armor figure. Naturally, this figure came without the armor that you "dress" the figure up in.


This is the War Machine 2 figure from the Iron Man series. Again, this figure doesn't come with any armor.
I wonder if the bootleggers omitted the armor because there was no room for it on the cards. Or because they didn't have the molds for the armor.


The last figure I have in this series is the Iron Man Samurai figure. 
Yes, this is Shellhead in a green and black Iron Man suit. Once again, the armor is missing from the package. 


Y'know, these are pretty darn good looking bootleg toys. Probably because there isn't much need for paint on these figures. The only blemishes I can find are on the Iron Man Inferno figure. And even then, I had to look mighty hard to see them.
Big props to Jorge Lunz for finding these neat Iron Man bootlegs for me.