Total Justice

Here are some more Total Justice bootleg figures. These are bootleg toys from Brazil. One of the neat things about these cards is the packaging. The cards the figures are mounted on are smaller than the cards the original toys came mounted on. 
Like other bootleg Total Justice figures I have, these figures have absolutely horrible paint jobs. 

Here's the front and back of the toys:


As you can see, the card is quite different from the real thing. The card measures in at 9.5" X 6". The bubble has just enough room to fit the figure and accessories in it. 
The card back for all the figures in this series is the Superman cardback. Pictured on the back are all the TJ figures that have been bootlegged. The funny thing is, only five of the figures pictured have been bootlegged in this particular format. 

This is Emerald Twilight Parallax. The picture doesn't do this figure justice. Parallax features one of the worst paint jobs in this series.
By the way, the accessories for all these figures are silver.
I can't imagine why the bootleggers painted Aquaman's hair black Heh. His hooked hand has been left skinned colored.

The Huntress. Words cannot begin to describe the shape the bootleggers left her in. Look at her at your own risk.

Black Lightning isn't black in his bootleg form. He actually looks like he is sporting a nice tan.

The bootleggers really didn't screw up Green Arrow too much. Oh sure, his costume is painted almost correct.. But at least he is somewhat presentable.


I gotta give out a big Thanks to my buddy Jorge in Brazil who scored these bad boys for me. I had all the Total Justice bootleg figures in one form or another except for these. Funny thing is, I knew they were out there somewhere. But these characters never turned up in So. Cal