Batman And Robin Bootlegs
The figures pictured on this page are from a bootleg toy line of the Batman And Robin line of action figures. This line of figures is taken directly from the "real" toys. The packaging and the molds the figures are made from come straight from the real figures. 
As usual, there are only minor variations from the "real" figures. This is typical of a bootleg toy line that comes with virtually the same packaging and figures. 
There are six different figures in this bootleg toy series. There are four Batman and two Robin figures. 
All of the figures come on a Heat Scan Batman card. 
As you can see, the bubble was glued on to the card crooked. On the back of the card are pictured nine figures from the real series. Note the absence of any trademarks or bar codes? This is typical bootlegger work. Even the card the figures are mounted on are not quite accurate. The card is considerably smaller than the card the "real" figures come on. The bootleg card measures almost 10" X 7 inches. You can see where the bat logo is cut off on both the front and the back of the card. 
Ice Board Robin and Heat Scan Batman. 

The bootleg Robin doesn't come with a cape. Also, check out the accessories that come with the Robin figure. The "real" accessories are silver, not brown. 
The Heat Scan Batman appears to be pretty accurate. 

Hover Attack Batman and Night Hunter Robin. 

The Bootleg Batman is capeless. 
The real Hover Board is black. The bootleg Hover Board is grey. 
Robin, what can you do with a figure that comes in such a sissy color? 

Here are the two remaining figures in this series. The Batman on the right is the figure that comes in the Brain Vs Brawn two pack. The other figure in the "real"Brain Vs Brawn two pack is Bane. 
The Batman on the right is the Deluxe Blast Wing Batman.These two figures share the same type of chrome plated style head. Also, the bootleg Blast Wing Batman has no cape. 

Well,that's it for this series of bootleg toys. But wait!!! There's more!!! I have at least six more figures from this line of toys that have been bootlegged. But they are figures for another day. 

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