Buffy The Vampire Slayer Bootlegs

These figures were rephotographed and reposted on the new blog format. If you'd like to see better pics of these toys, click HERE. Fair warning, one of the figures posted on this page isn't in the review cuz I forgot to dig it up.

Now these are the best kind of bootleg toys to score. The ones I pick up in a trade. Not only that. This was a trade where we both win. So we can all thank Ray Hutchins for scoring these bad boys for me out in England. 


Well, this series is called The Power Slayer. No doubt about it! This is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer bootleg. The thing is, I've looked all over to find something to compare this figure to. But had no luck. So if anybody wants to give me a hand, please email me

Below is the other figure I have from this series. 


Now the one thing that sticks out about these figures (pun intended) are the breasts on these things. WheW! They are like, H-U-G-E!!! Now it looks like the bootleggers only had one mold to use for the figure. Cuz if you look at the two figures, you can see they are the same mold. Just different paint jobs. 
Last thing. The card these figures are mounted on measure in at 12" X 8". The figures themselves stand about 6.5" tall and come with two weapon accessories each. While I only have two figures, I have heard that there are actually three figures in this series. 
Wait! Here are a couple more figures that Ray picked up for me.


Hey! Let's give Ray Hutchins a big hand for snagging these bad boys for me. (Clapping of Hands!!)