Dino Zone On Beast Wars Card


When I first saw this bootleg toy, I thought, cool! A new Beast Wars bootleg toy. But I had some trouble identifying it. So after a plea to the Bootleg Toys mailing list, I found out that the figure in this toy isn't a Beast Wars figure. Rats! This is still a bootleg toy. Just not one based on any Beast Wars figure. 
Of course, the packaging sure is mostly Beast Wars packaging. 

Here is the figure. It is based on a toy called Giganodragon. This figure is from the Dino Zone/Dinozaurs toy line. 
This Giganodragon is copper colored with some green plastic thrown into the mix. But I have also seen it in a silver/purple scheme. FYI, the purple and silver colors are the "correct" colors for this figure.
The toy is actually pretty big. From the top to bottom, the figure measures about 14". 


This is the card back. The card is for the Tarantulas figure. But the bootleggers replaced Transmetal Megatronwith the Giganodragon in the pics of the figures. 
The card measures in at 9.5" X 13". The instructions for converting the figure into it's two forms are on the lower right corner of the card. What I really like about the instructions is the butchered english. 

I really don't know too much about this line of toys. So if anybody wants to give me a little help. Please email me. I put this toy in the Transformers section for the time being. I suppose I'm gonna have to make a DinoZone section pretty soon. (Yes, there are a few other DinoZone bootleg toys in my possession.) 
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