Carded Action Man

Action Man. This figure has been around for a while now. I was wondering if a bootleg Action Man figure would ever show up. Now I've seen some knock off Action Man figures. Those things are boxed and have the same color scheme as Action Man. But never a bootleg that called itself Action Man. Not until now...


Now I don't know which Action Man figure this suppsed to be. But the figure only stands about 7.5" tall. Action Man comes mounted on a card that measures 11" X 6.5". The card has four different languages on it. English, French, German and I think Italian. Naturally, no trademarks anywhere. 
Here's a close up of the figure itself.



This "Action Man" figure is all set for scuba diving. He comes with goggles, oxygen tank and what looks like a missile. The pants on the figure are cloth. There's nothing really outstanding about this figure. But I'm glad that I finally found an Action Man bootleg toy.