Batman And Robin Three Pack

This is one cool bootleg Batman set. I have never seen it here in California. But thanks to good toy karma, another collector who recently discovered the joy of bootleg toys hooked me up with it. So ya all gotta thank John Alvarez for finding this gem. 
Take a look.....

Well, I know that I have never heard of the toy line Batman, Robin & Catwoman. But it sure is a piece of work. Lessee, the bootleggers put a Legends Of The Dark Knight Catwoman with a couple of figures from the Batman And Robin toy line. I don't know about you, but I think this bootleg toy set rocks! Why? Well, cuz the bootleggers mixed up the scale of the figures that come in this set. 


Take a look at the back of the package. The card measures a whopping 10" X 11". As per the norm, there is no sign of any trademarks or copyright info on the package. 
The bubble that these figures are mounted under is pretty lame. I am surprised that it wasn't all ready crushed. 
I don't know about you, but I would absolutely love to see some of these Batman vehicles bootlegged. 
Ah, Batman and Catwoman. A match made in bootleg toy heaven, wouldn't ya say? 
Catwoman comes with her whip. But the bootleggers didn't bother to package her Battle Stalker Panther Armor. 


This is the other figure in the set. The Batman and Robin figures in this set really aren't that bad for bootleg toys.
Catwoman? Well, the paint job on her figure does suffer from a bit of a poor paint job. 


Well, the Batman and Robin figures in this set come from the Challengers Of The Night set. The bootleggers left one of the accessories from that set out of this bootleg toy set. 
I'm gonna give one more thanks to John Alvarez for giving me the opportunity to share this toy with all of you. Thanks again John!
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