Coca Cola Batman

Okay, the item pictured on this page isn't really a toy. But my friend Daniel Flores picked it up and sent it to me. What is it? Well, it is a hand made Batman clinging to a bottle of Coke. 
Check it out..


See, this isn't a toy. That's a real Coke bottle. And that's Batman clinging to it. 
And if it looks handmade, that's 'cause it is. 
Here is another view of the Batman.

Here is a close up of the item. Lemmee ask ya something, do ya think Batman looks like he may be a little drunk? 
Now let me give ya a little background info on this thing. My friend Daniel went down to San Miguel de Allende Guanajuato to visit his brother. Now his brother sells something similar to this only they are Mexican Drunks clinging to bottles of beer, tequila....
Daniel is a big Superman fan. So he suggested maybe that Batman and Superman could be made like this. Well, it sounded like a great idea. And Voila! Here is is! Now these things aren't massed produced. They are handmade. I think that they are made out of some kind of baked clay. I think that they are a neat Batman novelty item. 
Now Dan doesn't know I am doing this, but his user ID on Ebay is Super-Man. Sometimes he puts some neat stuff up for sale. Who knows, maybe he'll be putting any extras of these up for auction?

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