Transformer Bootleg Toy: Blast-Off

Here is a bootleg toy of the Transformer called Blast-Off. Blast-Off is a space shuttle. This particular toy is from the Transformers Generation II line of Transformer toys. He is a Combatacon. Blast-Off is one of four vehicles that make up the Transformer named Bruticus. 

Blast-Off comes on a card that measures about 12.5" X 10". 
Here is what part of the card looks like: 

Nice artwork, eh? This particular Transformer bootleg comes in a line of toys called Transformer Combat Troop. There are pictures of nine other Transformers on this card. So I assume that this line of bootleg toys has nine different figures. I have three of them. 

Here is a picture of Blast-Off: 

Blast-Off measures approximately seven inches long. The toy is about four and a half inches wide at its widest point. Check out his paint job. He has been in his Generation 2 colors of purple and white.  Hey! This is a Transformer and it's a bootleg. I think this is a pretty neat toy if ya ask me. Especially since this Transformer is a Space Shuttle. 

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