Star Wars On Correct Cards (Sorta)

This set of bootleg Star Wars figures are kinda unique in that they have been mounted on what appears to be the correct cards. What I mean is that the figures match the picture on the card. Below is Qui-Gonn Jinn.


As you can see, the picture on the card matches the figure. The bootleggers even made a comm chip with a pic of Qui-Gonn on it. Now take a look at the card back. That's a Queen Amidala cardback. All the figures in this particular bootleg toy series come with a Queen Amidala card back. From past experience with other bootleg toy lines, all eight characters pictured on the card back were probably bootlegged. I've only managed to score five of the figures in this series. 

Here's Qui-Gonn Jinn. For some reason, the two Jedi Knights sport the worst paint jobs. 
See, what did I tell ya? Here's a bootleg Obi-Wan Kenobi. Bleah!

Heh.This is probably the best figure in the series. Figures, the character that was probably most reviled by Star Wars fans has a great looking bootleg. 

Queen Amidala comes with two beige blasters. For a bootleg toy, Queen Amidala actually looks pretty keen.

Man, I always have a hard time photographing black figures. Even with plenty of light, they still come out too dark for my taste. 
Nevertheless, here is Darth Maul. The face paint on this figure is pretty bland. Also, the top of his head has been painted completely black.


Well, there certainly isn't anything that really makes this bootleg toy series stand out. The only thing that is pretty cool about this set is the fact that the bootleggers made the pics on the front of the cards (and the Comm Chips) match the figures.