Mexican Batman And Robin

Here are a couple of really crappy looking Batman and Robin figures that I picked up in Mexico. Whooooeeee! These suckers are really, really bad! I paid a buck apiece for them. I'm still not sure if I got ripped off or not. 

Both of the figures on this page come in a plastic bag. That's it! No label. No warnings for kids under three. Nothing. Just a plastic figure in a plastic bag.


Gawd, these are almost the worst figures in my bootleg toy collection. I mean, these suckers are really bad. The paint jobs are horrible. Of course, the qualtiy of the toys just absolutely sucks. Not too long after taking these pics, Batman's head came off. 
Both of these figures stand about five inches tall. It takes a bit of effort to get them to stand. Usually these figures just tip right over. 


Yeah.Yeah. I know, why did I waste my cash on these crappy toys? Well, I'm a sucker for super hero toys. Especially Batman. So I just couldn't walk away from them when I saw them. Let's face it. How many other people have these bizarre figures in their own collections? 
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