Here is one of the many knock off  Techno Dog toys that are floating around out there. This one is called CyberDog. It apparently is part of the X Net II series of toys (whatever that is!). 

Well, as ya can see, this guy is actually a key chain. It apparently comes in eight different color schemes. Take a look at the front of the package. This dog has a barking voice and is also Light Sensible. I guess they meant to say Light Sensitive. 

Here is CyberDog. This mechanical pooch sits in at 2.5". He is made of diecast metal. Thus making this a heavy key chain. 
Sometimes the makers of these kinds of toys include precautions that make me scratch my head. 
"Do Not Throw On A Fire" ???? 
What are they talking about??? The batteries or the toy?
"Seek Medical Advice If A Small Battery Has Been Swallowed By A Child"?? 
Well, Duhhhh!