Star Wars Luke Dagobah Bootleg Figures

This series of bootleg toys is a big one. There are thirtteen figures in this series. I'm breaking this toy line into three sections. 
Here we go.......!


All the figures in this bootleg Star Wars series come on a Luke Skywalker in Dagobah Fatigues card. The card is approximately the same size as the real card. Naturally, on there are no trademarks or copyright info anywhere on the packaging. 

 Here is a Luke Skywalker figure. This is one of two variations. 
Ah, the "other" Luke Skywalker figure. Hmmm, another figure with an extremely small head. 
Both variations of this figure come with the same accessories. 


The bootleggers really didn't go too wrong with Boba Fett. The paint details are kinda shabby, but you really can't mess up a Boba Fett figure that badly.

This Darth Vader figure is probably the best figure in the series. But then, how many ways can a figure that is basically all black get messed up? 


Believe it or not, but this is actually one of the better POTF bootleg toy sets that I have ever seen.