Dark Hero

I scored these toys in a recent trade I pulled off with my friend Dave LePage. He, well, his wife scored these bad boys somewhere in England. Now out here, the Dark Hero line of toys features a whole bunch of knock off Batman figures. The most common of the line that I have seen is the Batmobile knock off that is on my Batmobile page. 
But this is the first time I have laid my eyes on the beauties pictured below...

Well, the packaging calls this line of toys Dark Hero "The New Adventures". The bootleggers have even given this line of toys their own logo that is awfully similar to the world famous bat logo. If the figures pictured on the back look familiar. Well, they should. Starting at the top and going clock wise, pictured on the back are;  Neural Claw Batman, Assault Gauntlet Batman, Spline Cape Batman and Jungle Rage Robin.  Naturally, the bootleggers didn't bother to ID the figures. 


I have only two of the figures from this toy line. 
It's hard to tell, but the bootleggers omitted the Bat logo from Batman's chest. The paint job on the figure is a little splotchy. And what's up with all the little wanna be bat logos on the bubble? 

Here is a much better example of how the bootleggers modified the figure. Robin's costume is a bright red, green and black. He sorta looks like a Christmas tree. 



This is a pretty cool bootleg series. I especially like that the bootleggers created a whole new super hero toy line. Okay, so the Dark Hero series of bootleg toys is a rehash of the Legends Of The Dark Knight toy line. At least the bootleggers gave a small twist to the toys. Why couldn't these things show up here in So. Cal? Instead, I have to settle for some really cheap knock off toys that are a bit of a reach when it comes to bootlegs of Batman and Robin.