Dragonball Z

Dragonball Z bootlegs toys are probably the most prevalent out here in So. Cal. You can't go anywhere without seeing them. The prices for these toys range from $0.99 for a two pack of four inch figures to $5 for a package with 2 ten inch figures and five four inch figures. One of the more common bootleg series of Dragonball Z toys goes by the toy line name of DragOOnball Z.

Here are a few examples of what is available.

Here is a diecast car with a Dragonball Z theme to it. 


Basically, all the bootleggers did was take a model car and add some Dragonball Z stickers to it. I also have seen a couple of other toy cars with Dragonball Z stickers on them. Oh, the car measures about eight inches in lenth and stands about four inches tall. If you have a model car and some DBZ stickers, you could make this same car at home. 

This next toy comes with a mask and five action figures. The mask is your garden variety piece of plastic with a string around it.

    Here is a close up of the figures:

Next up are some figures under the toy line name of Dragonball GT. I assume that this is the same anime series as Dragonball Z. Maybe just a continuation of the Dragonball Z storyline?

This toy set comes with three different figures. Here they are!

Here is a two pack with eight inch tall figures.


Last up is a bootleg Dragonball Z figure from Canada. I have two from this series. There's no doubt that there are more figures in this series.
This figure stands about five and a half inches tall. The card it's on measures about 10.5" X 6". The funny thing about this figure is that the hair looks like it can be taken off of the figure. Is this part of the characters features? "cause underneath the blonde hair (wig?) you can see that the figure actually has long black hair.

That's it! Believe me when I tell ya that this is just a small sample of the Dragonball Z figures that are out there. It seems to me that there must be at least ten different toy lines featuring Dragonball Z characters.