Super Battle Collection

Below is one of my bootleg Super Battle Collection Dragonball Z bootleg toys. This is an excellent example of a very good bootleg toy. I have about four or five bootlegs from this series. But I know that there are at least a dozen. There are probably more than that. As soon as I dig up the others I have, I'll post them here. But in the meantime, take a good look at this. 

Below are the front and back of this bootleg toy. Look really close now. The red square with Bandai printed in it is nowhere on the package. The Bandai logo should be on the lower right corner of the front of the box. Instead, the warning label has been placed there. 
The back of the package features 27 pics of other figures in the Super Battle Collection. Again, there are no trademarks or copyrights anywhere on the package.


Here is the bottom of the box. This toy is item number 97171 and was produced in China. I wonder what is supposed to be in the white box? 

Take a close look at the paint job on this figure. The quality of the paint job leaves something to be desired. 
This figure's paint job is only slightly better than Pan's. 

The back of both of these figures has China etched into them. Ya also can see that the bootleggers didn't pay quite as much attention to the paint job on the back side. That's black peeking through the orange on Pan's head.

Well, this is just one of the Dragonball Z Super Battle Collection figures I have. When I bought this a back in '98, I only paid a buck for it. Not a bad deal, eh? 
Oh, the box these figures comes in measures in at 7.5" X 3.5". The figures themselves stand in at about three inches tall.