Ultra Level Optimus Primal Bootleg Figure

This page features an oldie but a goodie bootleg toy. How about an Optimus Primal figure? 
Here's a peek....


This figure has been in my collection for a few years now. The darn thing is almost impossible to find nowadays. But this figure does pop up from time to time. So I am pretty sure that the bootleggers will ship this again sometime in th future. 
The card this figure comes on measures 13.5' X 9.5".  The original Optimus Primal came boxed. The graphics for the card come from the box art of the Ultra Level Optimus Primal figure. 

Here is a close up of the figure.  Ummm, the pic isn't quite as good as I'd like. Sorry.

Optimus Primal measures in at about eight inches tall. The bootleggers actually hit the target when it comes to the colors for this figure. Optimus Primal also comes with his mace whip and spinal sword accessories. 
Y'know, I am not a Big Beast Wars collector. But this is one cool toy. 

Now for all ya completists, here is a variation of this figure. 



  Here is a bootleg Optimus Primal figure on another card. The name Las Guerras De Las Bestias is the Spanish translation for Beast Wars. I'm pretty sure that is how the Beast Wars brand is sold in Mexico. Now while the packaging may be in Spanish, this toy was found here in the good old United States Of America.