Diamond Logo Man Of Steel Bootleg Toys

Here are a series of Superman bootlegs from a toy line called Superhero. Now these figures are totally different from the other Superhero line of bootleg toys featuring Superman on this web site.
There are four figures in this series. These figures come from the same mold as other bootleg Superman action figure lines. The other two bootleg toy lines that I have come on a Canadian Man Of Steel toy line card and an English version of the Man Of Steel toy line card. These figures are by far feature what I believe to be the worst paint jobs on any of my Superman bootleg figures.
There are only four figures in this line of bootlegs. The other Man Of Steel Superman bootleg toy lines include a bootleg Conduit figure. But the bootleggers omitted him from this particular bootleg toy line.

Why do I call this line of bootleg figures Diamond Logo Man Of Steel? Well, check out the card these figures are mounted on.

Here is the card back. As you can see, it pictures all four figures in this series. The card back features what I believe to be the name of the toy line. Superhero. All the names of the figures feature the word Superhero wherever you would expect to see Superman. For example, Power Flight Superman is called Power Flight Superhero. Also, the back of the card features copyright notices in three languages. But of course, there are no trademarks anywhere on the card.
One more thing, while you cannot see it in the picture below, the "S" logo on the Power Flight Superman and Superboy figure are blotted out with a splash of red paint. Hmmm, maybe the bootleggers didn't want anybody to know that these are Superman figures???
First up is "Steel Hero". That's right! Steel Hero! That is what the bootleggers call this figure on the back of the card. Of the figures in this series, he is probably the best done. Simply because he isn't painted. But of course, he is the wrong color.

This is the Superboy figure. His eyes are just little dots of black paint. The face has no features at all. Quite an ugly figure that should not have gotten by even the bootlegger's quality control.

"Power Flight Superhero" Like the Superboy figure above, he features a poor paint job. The face has no detail at all. But I gotta tell ya, at least the "S" logo on the Superboy and this Power Flight Superhero figure look darn good!!

 The last of these figures is "Laser Superhero". This figure has probably the most horrific paint job of all the figures in this series. Just looking at this thing makes me shudder. Brrrrrrrr.......
What were those bootleggers thinking?



The figures in this series are kinda bizarre. But when I saw them, I just knew I had to have them.

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