Digimon Five Packs

I have heard some people say that Digimon is supposed to be the next phenomenon after Pokemon. While I don't think it has taken off like Pokemon did, Digimon bootlegs are starting to show up with some regularity now. 
Here's the latest and greatest in the Digimon bootleg toys. 



Pictured above is one of the five piece sets in this bootleg toy series. The front of the card features some artwork that has been hijacked from somewhere. While the card back features drawings of forty Digimon characters. 
It's probably unlikely that all forty pictured Digimon are in this bootleg series. But I have found four different sets. So at least twenty different Digimon are featured here. 
Oh yeah, the card these figures come mounted on measures in at 10" X 7.5". 


Here are the names of some of these characters:

top right: Pixiemon

top left: Megakabuterimon or Digitomamon

Bottom left:Kuagamon

bottom right: Etemon

There is absolutely no articulation in these toys. They are basically little tiny statues.


Top left could be Etemon. Top right could be Birdramon. The center figure is Patamon and the bottom right figure is Unamon.



These things are even more bizarre looking than Pokemon characters. 

The top right figure looks like Tentomon The figure on the top left could be Centarumon The middle figure is Leomon. While the bottom right character is Angemon


These are the last five figures that I have found. In this set are from top left clockwise: Tanemon, Palmon, Biyomon, Gabumo, Koromon and Garurumon

A big thanks to WraithJedi and PiccoloZ7 for identifying the characters for me.