Digimon Keychains


Believe it or not, the lady who was selling this particular Digimon bootleg keychain set originally wanted five bucks for it. When she saw the face I made and realized that I wasn't gonna buy it, she quickly lowered the price. I guess she recognized my face from earlier bootleg toy hunts and wanted to keep my business. So the price I paid was much more reasonable. Sorry, I ain't gonna tell ya the price. I don't want anybody to think I am offering this set for sale (See the Pokemon page).

Here's a shot of the top of the card the keychains come mounted on.


Digimon Pendulum Nature Spirits is printed on the card. Along with Digicollekeychain. There is also some nifty artwork featuring some of the Digimon characters. The card the keychains come on measures 9" X 6.5". The card back is just plain old white cardboard. Like your regular bootleg toys, there are no signs of copyrights, manufacturers names or whatnot anywhere on the packaging. 

Okay, this is a four pack of Digimon keychains. The pink Digimon is marine angemon.
Below marine angemon is saber leomon.
Thanks for the id Lydia!

The other two figures in this set are even more bizarre looking than the top two. The top one's name is Zudomon. My nephew Elliot id' him for me. 
The bottom figure is MarineDevimon. Thanks to the several people who emailed me with that character's name.



What's the deal with these figures? Well, they are about an inch and a half tall. I assume that they are made out of a hard plastic. The keychain is plowed straight into the top of the figures head. This is only one set of Digimon keychains. I bet that there are a few other Digimon characters in this same kind of packaging out there.