Digimon Pendulum

This sucker fooled me at first. I didn't think it was a bootleg toy. At first glance, it looks like a legitimate toy. But after picking it up and noting the poor quality of the cardboard the box is made of, I realized that this was my first Digimon bootleg toy. 
There are at least two different boxed sets of figures and one carded set of Digimon bootleg figures. Probably more bootleg figures are out there. But the dealer I bought these from only had the boxed sets and one carded set.

Here's a couple of shots of the packaging:

That's Garurumon pictured on the bottom right corner of the box

Like other bootleg toys, there is no sign anywhere of any trademarks or copyrights. As far as the 1-2" tall figures go, well, the paint jobs are pretty decent. Whether the color of the figures is accurate or not, well, ya got me! What are the characters names? Well, I don't know that too. But I guess when I get the chance, I'll scope out the net and find out for ya. 

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