Dinobot Card Beast Wars Bootleg Toys

All the Beast Wars bootleg toys on this page come mounted on a Dinobot card. The card the toys come on measures 11.5" X 8.5".  As usual, no trademarks or copyrights can be found anywhere on the card. These toys showed up a few years ago. Then they vanished (like all bootleg toys eventually do). But recently they have been turning up again. 


 The card these toys come on is an exact duplicate of the Deluxe Beast Wars card. All the figures in this bootleg toy series stand about 5 inches tall. As you can see, the card back features pics of all the figures in the Beast Wars series. The bio spec and the instructions feature the character Dinobot.
The one unusual feature about the Beast Wars bootlegs is that the toys come packaged in their Robot mode rather than in Beast mode like the authentic toys do.


The first figure in this series is Optimus Primal Optimus Primal is completely out of scale from the original toy. Created to go with the regular series (not the Deluxe series these bootlegs are taken from), the original figure stood approximately three to four inches tall. This bootleg stands a little over  five inches high. 


Here is Dinobot. Nothing really unusual about this figure. DinoBot is already wearing his "Mutant" battle helmet and comes packaged complete with his weapons.


Tarantulas here is basically the same figure with a few changes in his paint job. The bootleg figure's eyes are red (not visible in this pic) where the real toy had blue eyes. 
Also, the original's legs are grey on the inside of the thigh and lower portion of the leg. The feet also should be copper colored. Tarantlas' weapon (grappling hook) is missing the string that should be attached to it.


Megatron is similar to Optimus Primal in that the authentic Megatron was released as a four inch figure. The bootleg Megatron comes in at a little over five inches tall.  His tail gun comes packaged in two pieces, while the original Megatron's weapon came as a whole piece.


These Beast Wars bootleg toys are the first ones I ever added to my collection. I didn't know a thing about the series, but I wanted them cuz they were bootleg toys. I'm really not surprised that these are showing up again. That usually happens with toys that feature a popular toy line. 
How about a tip of the bootleg toy hat to Vijay Singh, Jamie and El Davo? When I first put my Beast Wars page together, those three guys filled in the gaps in my knowledge regarding these Beast Wars figures.
One last thing, this page has been revamped. But if ya ever see some pics or descriptions similar to this one on another site, it's cuz the webmaster took the pics and text from The Undiscovered Playthings. Nowhere on that specific page with my pics and text am I given any credit for the pics OR text. In other words, I was bootlegged! 
I'll share this much with ya, cuz of that particular webmaster, I slap Bootlegactionfigures.com across all my pics now. Nobody's gonna use my pics anymore without doing some serious cropping of the pics.