Dinosaur Family Bootleg Toys

Okay, these aren't the kind of dinosaurs you probably were expecting. The following figures are the Dinosaurs that are from the television show that ran on ABC awhile back. Actually, it may still be on. I have no idea. The show was called Dinosaurs. It featured a Dinosaur family and their adventures(?). 
Anyways, I found these toys a while back and only picked them up because I thought there might be some small interest in these toys. Were any figures ever made of these characters? These figures come on a card that measures 10.5" X 6.5". On the card is a drawing of the whole Dinosaur family. There is also some artwork of what I guess are supposed to be prehistoric plants behind the actual figure. 
Remember those Troll figures? The ones with the fuzzy hair on their heads? Well these figures all have the same kind of fuzzy hair on their heads too. The only articulation on these toys is at the waist. The Mother Dinosaur is the tallest at 6 inches. The Baby tops off at almost four inches in height. Did the baby have his toenails and fingernails painted in the TV show? This baby has all his fingernails and toenails painted brown. Quite frankly, I think he is kind of ugly. So here they are for you to see.  Enjoy!!! 



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