Dragoonball Four Pack

Here is an old set of Dragonball Z bootleg figures. These toys are packaged under the toy line name of Dragoonball. This particular set of Dragoonball figures comes as a four pack. I have seen this particular toy line come in two packs and single packs. 

The card these figures comes on measures in at 11.4" X 7.5". The card art features various Dragonball Z characters. There are no copyrights or trademarks anywhere on the package. The bubble these figures are mounted under is really pretty flimsy. 


Here is a close up of two of the characters. If ya look closely at the figure on the right. You can see the sloppy paint job on the figure's belt. Also, take a look at his hair. Looks like they forgot to paint part of the hair black.

The other two figures also are sporting somewhat crummy paint jobs. This really isn't too apparent in the pics. But take a look at the figure on the left. The bootleggers didn't stay between the lines when they painted his wrist bands.


This particular set of bootleg DBZ figures was out back around 1997, 1998. These have been a little more difficult to find nowadays. The bootleggers have moved on to new  package designs. 
The figures in this set only have articulation in the arms. All the figures stand about four inches tall. The back of the card these figures are mounted on is just plain old cardboard.