Dragoonball Eight Pack

This is a set of Dragonball bootleg toys that actually come with dragonballs. The bootleggers named this set of toys Dragoonball. But they aren't fooling anybody. We all know that these are Dragonball Z bootlegs. 

There are eight figures in this set. One figure stands 8"tall. The other figures in this set range in height from 3.5" to 4.5". Twelve Dragonballs have been included with the figures. The card these toys are mounted on measures in at 17" X 13". 


Here's a close up of three of the smaller figures. These three measure in at 3.5" in height. All of these figures have articulation at the neck and arms. 

Here is the eight inch figure. All the figures in this set actually have pretty decent paint jobs. But the bootleggers failed to paint the wrist bands on all the figures. 
This figure along with the four 4.5" figures only have articulation at the shoulders. 


For a bootleg Dragonball Z set, these toys are unusual in that they actually come with Dragonballs. The dragonballs are hollow plastic. All the balls have red stars on them. Ranging from one star to six stars.In other words, there are two balls with one star on them. Two balls with two stars on them. Three balls with three stars on them. Get the idea? 
Last thing, like other bootleg toys. The packaging has no trademarks or copyrights anywhere on it.