Dragoonball GT Six Inch Figure

Whoa! I think the bootleggers love the Dragoonball name. A few Dragonball bootleg toys have popped up using the name Dragoonball. I don't know how they think that is enough of a change to keep from breaking any copyright laws. I mean, the freaking artwork looks like its a direct rip off of DBZ art.
Anyways, take a peek at this bad boy!


This is the only figure I bothered to pick up. There are at least four different figures in this particular bootleg toy line. I guess the paint job on this guy is okay. But ya can see that the wristbandsare painted on this guy. By the way, this figure stands over eight inches tall. He is made of hollow plastic. The only accessories are the three balls ya see surrounding the figures head. FYI, the card the figure is mounted on measures in at 13" X 7.5"
Check out the artwork on the card. Can anybody say rip off?