Here is the world famous Duncanmobile. One of my favorite Batmobile knock offs. Why? Well, simply because it was one of the first Batmobile bootlegs I ever picked up. If ya never seen this before, check it out.....

This toy strikes me as having some Corgi like Batmobile elements to it. But Corgi never had any Duncamobile stickers on the sides of their Batmobiles. 
The Duncanmobile measures just over eight inches in length and it stands about three inches high. 

Yup! That's supposed to be Batman and Robin in the car. The figures are not molded into the plastic. So they can be removed. 
That little white thing next to Robin is the cherry top that is supposed to fit in the circle above the two figures. 


The only reason for this shot of the Duncanmobile is cuz I wanna know if anybody has ever seen the Duncanboat? I've looked high and low for it. But never managed to find the thing. Was it ever made? 


This is actually the second Duncanmobile I have ever owned. The first one I had, I traded away when I first got on the net. After that, I kept an eye out for another one to replace it. Fortunately, I was able to score this one. Heh. It's in much better shape than my original Duncanmobile. 
Say, if anybody has ever seen the Duncanboat, will ya please give me a holler/ Ya can email me by clicking HERE.
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