ERTL Bootleg Batmobile

This Batmobile is absolutely my favorite bootleg Batmobile! As a matter of fact, I thnk that this toy is much better than the "real" toy. Take a look...

All right. Here is the "real" Batmobile beside the bootleg Batmobile. Which One is the real one? 
Pretty hard to tell just from the pic, eh?


Okay, here is another view of the Batmobiles. 
Which one is the "real" one? The smaller one that has the all black tires. 
The bootleg toy also lacks a Batman figure in the cockpit. The cockpit windows are all black. We also can't miss the silver rims on the tires, exhaust and the front end of the Batmobile. 
Yup! This is one well made bootleg Batmobile. 



Check out this nifty feature of the bootleg Batmobile. The cockpit opens up to reveal the seats.  First time I opened the cockpit, I thought I broke the car.
Another neat feature of the bootleg Batmobile is that it is a pull back toy. If ya pull it back and let it go, this sucker moves forward. This is another feature that the ERTL Batmobile does not have. Woo Hoo!


This is the bottom of the bootleg Batmobile. As you can see, there are no markings at all on it. So I have no idea who made this outstanding toy. 


Take a look at the ERTL Batmobile. Trademarks galore! 
Now what is the scoop on this bootleg toy? It is a real die cast vehicle. Made with lots of great detail. Yes, there are some differences between this toy and the ERTL model. But all in all, it is a much better example of the Batmobile than the one ERTL produced. I'm glad that it's a part of my collection.
I have no idea where it originated from. I traded for it (Thanks Ee!). Apparently it was found at a hobby shop in Japan. That's all I know.  If you have any thoughts about where this toy came from. Please email me. I would love to know more about this toys origins. Thanks!

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