Bootleg ERTL Batmobile

Okay, take a look at this...



Bootleg toy package? Nope! That's the packaging for an ERTL model Batmobile. Now getta loada this!


Now this is bootleg toy packaging. Obviously, this is a poor photocopy of the ERTL Batmobile artwork. The bootleggers even went as far as trying to copy the font of the ERTL Batmobile packaging. They didn't get it quite right. But at least they got the general idea. 

Here's a top view of this bootleg toy. The bootleggers created a symbol that looks like the Bat logo and sorta split it in the middle with a circle. Also, rather than inserting the bat logo in a yellow oval, the bootleggers just made the whole logo the size and shape of the cockpit. 

One more view of this bootleg Batmobile. The bootleggers opted to give us more color in this toy than what ya got in the ERTL Batmobile. 
 The front end and the tires have some silver added to it. The real Batmobile that this toy is based on doesn't have any silver anywhere on it. 



This Batmobile is as near a complete copy as you can get. This bootleg toy was made using the mold that the real ERTL Batmobile was made with. The toy measures in at about four inches in length. It is about an inch high at the fins. All the details found on the side of the bootleg Batmobile are virtually identical to the ERTL toy. 
I was told that this bootleg toy originated in Hungary. I know I never saw it here in the states. But I tell ya, I am very impressed with it.