E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Visitor

Anybody remember that cute movie from the 1980s, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial? Well, here's a neat little E.T knock off. I found this thing on Ebay. Now normally, I don't buy bootleg toys on Ebay. I know what kinda quality goes into a bootleg toy. So I refuse to pay a premium for any bootleg toy. But if I ever find one that's dirt cheap. Well, I'll slap a bid on a toy then. This particular toy cost me a buck and change. Shipping was obviously more than the toy itself.


Here he is. The Visitor From Outer Space. I wonder if that artwork on the card came from a science fiction magazine?
This thing is pretty tiny. The card measures in at only 6" X 4".
Printed on the bottom of the card is J.A.R. Sales Inc, 1982. I'm guessing that this is when the toy was produced. 

The E.T. figure is pretty small. I placed a quarter next to it to give ya an idea of just how small the figure is.


Okay, E.T. stands about two inches tall. He is basically a small statue. The figure has no articulation. The bootleggers actually did a pretty good job reproducing E.T. Well, except for the heart. Looks like they just painted a little red circle on the figure. 



If this toy really was produced back in the early 1980s, then it has to be my rarest bootleg toy. I wonder how many other copies of this toy exist? I have no doubt that there are E.T. collectors who have this toy in their collection. Heh. I bet this turned up in some discount store recently. Ebay will probably be flooded with them. Now if I can only find one of those Eastern European Star Wars figures that are floating around out there....