European Bootleg Star Wars


Below are some pics of Bootleg Star Wars figures that have shown up in Europe.I have no idea about the specs for the figures. I only have the pics. They were loaned to me by Don. 

This first figure is Boba Fett. As if ya couldn't tell. Only this time, the bootleggers changed Boba's uniform. 
According to Don, this sucker was created back in 1991 and was found in Italy. 
Pretty cool looking, eh? 
Man, I simply love the next two figures. Getta load of the green and gold Biker Scout figure. 
The toy line name of Super Hero isn't very original. But boy, I think the color scheme of this figure rocks!


How about a green, red and gold Stormtrooper? If I'm not mistaken, this is the Crowd Control Stormtrooper. 
FYI, both the scout and the stormtrooper were found in Austria. So there's a slim to none chance of these ever turning up here in the good old USA. 


All right, where did I hook up with Don? Well, I was cruising Ebay looking to see if there were any bootleg toys that might catch my interest. Now normally I don't buy bootleg toys on Ebay. But I do like to see what is out there that I haven't found. 
I thought that these were pretty keen looking bootlegs. Don was kind enough to let me borrow his pics to share with the rest of you. Thanks a bunch Dan!

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