Evangelion Model Bootlegs

Here is one of three Evangelion bootleg models that I have. These things have been made by a company with a logo that is mysteriously similar to Ban Dai's logo. 



Hmmph. Looks just like the "real" model package. Well, not quite. I'm not too sure if the original package has chinese text on it. Yikes! Did I say chinese? Well, thanks to an anonymous visitor who took the time to inform me, the text is actually Japanese. Also, the Ben Di company logo is a red diamond shape. Very similar to Ban Dai's logo. 

Well, here is what the parts of the model look like. The figures aren't painted. I thought to myself, "Self. Why don't you put the thing together. See what kinda quality is built into these bootleg models."
Shoot. I'd put the thing together during my lunch breaks. Yeah. That'd be the trick. 
So I break out the pieces of the model from the box. Next, the instruction booklet. Ye Gawds! The freaking thing is written in Japanese!!!!
Now I was gonna give putting this model together a shot. But quite frankly, if I can't read exactly what goes where (even though I could probably figure it out based on the drawings), then I ain't gonna waste my time. 
So all of you can forget about seeing the actual model after being assembled. It just isn't gonna happen on this site. 


Well, after doing a little research on these models. It seems that they are about the same kind of quality that you would expect from a bootleg. Not all the parts fit quite right. The plastic is a little too rigid when it shouldn't be. You actually get what you pay for. An inferior product. Nothing so surprising about that, eh???