Evangelion Bootleg Toys


Here are some bootleg toys featuring characters from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Now I personally have never seen this anime. But friends of mine have raved about it. More than a couple have said that they believe this anime to be the best one ever produced. It started out as a series and has even spawned movies.
The molds for these figures may have come from the Japanese "Crane" games. Only the figures were not packaged like this. Instead, they came in little plastic bubbles that came apart. You then put the figures together yourself.
All of these figures come on a card that measures 11" X 7". The neat thing about this series is that each figure comes on a card that matches the figure in the package. Usually the bootleggers take one card and mount all the figures on it. The back of the cards are just plain cardboard.

Here is a pic of one of the figures and the card it is on:

Here is the artwork for each figure:


There's a typo on the front of the card. Along the side of each card and underneath the "New Centennial" portion of the card, it says EvEngelion.  Actually, it may not be a typo at all. I am pretty sure that the bootleggers did this on purpose in order to avoid infringing on the Evangelion trademark. Of course, the artwork looks like it was taken off of the boxes for the Evangelion models.

Now for close ups of the figures. I am not too sure if the paint jobs are accurate. If the figures are supposed to match the colors portrayed in the artwork, then I would have to say that the paint jobs of the figures are off slightly. Hmmmm.
The figures themselves measure about five inches tall. The only articulation they have is at the waist. The robots look to have some articulation at the neck and maybe at the shoulders. I really can't tell. Now I wish I would have bought more of these so I could have cracked them open to see what they are about. Darn!




Well, that is it for this series of bootlegs. I guess they are all right, but I gotta tell ya, I just love the artwork on the cards. That makes the $1.99 I spent on each of these well worth the cost for these bootlegs.
Oh, and for those of you who are curious, the quote from the poem that circles the logo is not on the bootleg package. Instead, it just says Evengelion and notes the model number. The model number actually matches the figure in the package.

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