Here is another two pack featuring characters from the anime Evangelion. This series features the same artwork as the other Evengelion bootleg series on this site. Where the other bootleg series featured three different cards, this series only uses the card art from one package. 


First, there are no trademarks or copyrights anywhere on the package. Also, this series is called Evengelion. A small change in the name from the actual name of the series. The card measures 11" X 7".  The back of the card features a whole series of shots from the actual series. Also, there are views of three 'bots from the series. I assume based on the card back that there are three figures in this bootleg toy series. I only managed to score two of them. 


Here are close ups of the figures in the series. The two figures on the right are pacakaged together. The other two pack features the two characters on the left. 
Left to right, the characters are,  Maya Ibuki, Unit 01, Rei Ayanami and Unit 00 (Unit 00 is purple in this bootleg toy series).
Well, digging around my garage, I manage to find three other Eva bootlegs from this toy line. So in the interests of completion. Here they are!


If ya take a good look at the package on the right. You can see that the figure's leg has already broke off. 
The Evas stand about four inches tall from head to toe. The human figures stand about four and a half inches tall. They are actually pretty flimsy figures. I have an extra Maya Ibuki figure that has a leg loose in the package. It's all ready broken and I never even touched the thing. Go figure!
Y'know, Evangelion bootlegs are kinda hard to find. So whenever I manage to snag 'em, it's alway a special treat. 
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