Fighter GT Playset

The figures here are part of the most recent ( summer of 2000) packaging that  DragonBall Z bootleg toys are coming in. The two packages on this page are the only ones that I have seen packaged with a mini rubik's cube. 


Well, I'm darned if I know the names of these characters that ya see above. But here's what I can tell ya....
The card these toys are mounted on measures in at 11.5" X 8.5". The back of the card is just plain old cardboard. Naturally, there are no trademarks or copyrights anywhere. 
The sword features a sticker with a DBZ character on it. Also, the sword blade features "Fighter" molded into it. 


The cube features a different DBZ character on each side. It is also attached to a keychain. I played with the cube a bit. I was kinda surprised that it didn't fall apart right away on me. 


Here ya can see the shabby paint job that these toys feature. The figures all stand a shade over four inches tall. The only articulation you will find on them is where the arms meet the shoulders. Otherwise, these are just little cheap statues. 



Well, there is nothing really special about this particular series of DBZ toys. But I do like the little rubik's cube like keychain that the bootleggers threw in. That cube probably adds the best play value when compared to the other toys that come in this package.