Fighting Action Turtles

This line of bootleg toys are actually pretty old. I have had them in my collection for quite awhile now.  
What are they bootleg toys of? Well, take a look at the name of the toy line on the card and I think you may be able to guess:  

Well, if you think that this line of toys are bootlegs of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then you win the prize!
Here is a pic of the back of the card. The card back features the origin of the Fighting Turtles. The origin story is slightly out of order though. The panel on the bottom right should be the first part in the origin story.  
Also included on the card back are pics of the figures. Coincidentally, the Fighting Action Turtles have the same names as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  
Note the lack of copyright or trademark info on the package.
Here are pics of the figures. All of the bootleg turtles stand about 4.5" tall.  
This first turtle is Leonardo. The L on his belt is not colored and very easy to overlook. Leonardo is brown with an orange colored chest. His mask, kneepads and elbowpads are purple.
This Fighting Turtle has an R on his belt buckle. So he must be Raphael. Raphael's belt has two holsters for him to insert his weapons.  
Raphael is painted green with an orange chest. His mask, kneepads and elbowpads are blue.  
The funny thing about this figure is that the Raphael pictured on the back has a red mask and pads. 
The third figure in this series is Donatello. There is a D on his belt. The mask and pads of this Turtle are painted orange.   
The final figure in this series could be Michaelangelo.He is the only Turtle I didn't name. This guy's mask and pads are painted red.   
Now for you TMNT collectors out there who are saying to yourself, this guy is whacked! All these figures have the same facial expression on them. So they must be the same turtle. After all, the real TMNT figures have variations in their grins. Well,  I know that. But it seems that the bootleggers only had one head mold to play with. They must have had access to different belts for these figures. Well, actually, they may only have had access to three of the belts. None of the figures I have is wearing a belt with an M on it.  
These figures are kinda bizarre if you ask me. But what the heck! They are bootlegs. :-)  
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