Final Fantasy VII

This page features bootleg figures from that popular toy line, Final Fantasy VII. There are only four bootlegged figures in this series. Now I don't collect this line of toys, so forgive me if I get any of the character's names wrong.
These figures come on bilingual cards with English and I think the other language is Japanese. The cards measure approximately 9" X 7". The cards are two sided and whatever character name is on the front is followed up on the back with pics and descriptions on the back. Unfortunately, the writing on the back is primarily Japanese. Does anybody know what "Extra Knights" means? This is on the bubble of each of these figures cards.
The quality of these particular toys is very poor. While the paint jobs are acceptable, the quality of the figures themselves is really very poor. When I bought these toys, I had to sort through many just to find some that had all the limbs attached. Many of these toys had the arms all ready fallen off of the body. Whew!! As is norm for most bootleg toys, there are no copyright, bar code or manufacturer's name on the package anywhere.
Here we go......!!!

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Pictured above are two of the same figure on different cards. The figure on the left has her right arm all ready detached from the body. Many of the figures in this line were found like this. Especially this figure. The name of this figure is Tifa Lockhart. Note that she is on a Cloud Strife card and a Barrett Wallace card. The Japanese writing on the cards actually translates into the English underneath it. So the Japanese script on the Cloud Strife card actually reads Cloud Strife in Japanese. The same for the Barrett Wallace card. ( A Big Thanks to Kiku for the translation!)

This here guy is called Red. His card is shaped different from the others because of the way he is shaped. His card measures 6.5" X 8". Y'know, the bubbles on these cards are actually pretty sturdy. Which is kind of unusual for bootleg toys. Hmmm...
Anyways, Red does not appear to have any articulation except at the neck.

These last two figures are Barett Wallace and Aeris Gainsborough. Barett Stands about five inches tall. The Aeris Gainsborough (and Tifa Lockhart) stands about four and a half inches tall. Again, the Japanese script on the card matches the English text underneath it.


Here are the card backs for Red and Barett Wallace.

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