Max Steel Five Inch Bootlegs

Here are some five inch bootleg Max Steel figures that are much better than the Fox Steel bootleg toys found elsewhere on this site. These things actually come with cloth clothing!!!

Here's one of the figures. As you can see, it comes carded and has a couple of accessories. The card measures in at about 9.5" X 7". There's some pics that are ripped off from the original toy line shown on the back. But I forgot to snap a pic of it. 
Now the bootleggers must have figured that they had a good thing going with this Max Steel series Not only can you get the single carded figure. You can also get the toys in two packs and three packs. Woo Hoo!!


I'm pretty sure I managed to get all the figures in this bootleg toys series. Quite frankly, there's no rhyme or reason as to how these figures are packaged. I would have gone broke trying to get all the different combinations of figures in the two and three packs. Or should I call them bi and tri packs???
So anyways, all the figures come with some kind of accessory. The card art is different for the different types of sets of figures. 
Here's a couple of close ups of two of the toys in this toy line. As you can see, the clothes aren't painted on.They really do have some cloth. The bootleggers even took the time to get the accessories pretty close to the original ones. It's hard to tell, but all the Max Steel figures are more of an orange color (could the bootleggers have been trying to give Maxy a tan?) than the flesh color we would expect. Naturally, shabby paint jobs on all the figures. 

Y'know, these figures are pretty fun for bootleg toys. I wonder what parts of the U.S. these toys have made it to. I've only seen them at one store here in So. Cal. So maybe these weren't distributed to many places in the U.S.