Furby's Bootleg Cousin

I swear I never know what those bootleg toy manufacturers are gonna make next. That's one of the joys of collecting bootleg toys. You never know what is coming up. Bootleggers don't have a Toyfair show every year to display their new lines of toys. Heck! The bootleggers probably don't even know what they are gonna be making themselves.
Anyways, here is a new bootleg toy. This one is a shameless rip off of Furby, the intelligent electronic toy. This bootleg toy is called Foobie. Yes, that's right. Foobie.
Let's take a look at him.

Here is a Foobie along side a Furby.

As you can see, Foobie looks a little rough around the edges when compared to a Furby. His fur is not as smooth as a Furbys. The overall quality of the Foobie is quite low.

Now for a look at Foobie by himself. You really can't tell by this picture, but the stitching on this stuffed animal is really poor. It is easy to see where the face of the figure is attached to the body. Another difference between Furby and Foobie is the color of their beak. Furby's is a nice yellow-orange color. While Foobie's mouth is yellow.

Now as far as the packaging goes, the only difference between Foobie and Furby are the shape and size of the box. Everything else has been ripped off. From the "ages 6 and up" blurb all the way down to the poem "The Story Of Furby". Just plug in Foobie wherever Furby should be and you have the packaging for Foobie. Well, there are also a couple of changes in the Foobie language. Mon-Mon means love. Woo-Too means sing. Lee-Lee means joke. Well, you get the idea.

Go and grab your Furby and check out these pictures and tell me if you see any dramatic differences in the wording on the box.

Here is the top of the Foobie box: 


Part of the Foobie poem: 

Here is one of the sides of the Foobie box: 

If any of you is interested, I saw three different Foobies. One grey, one pink and the black and white one pictured on this page. Also, this is one of the most expensive bootleg toys I have ever bought. This toy cost me $20. Ouch!!!
One more thing, I don't know if it works like a real Furby does. Foobie comes with an instruction booklet that includes the language Foobish. I'm afraid to let the kids have it. What if the darn thing breaks? Heck! That would mean $20 down the drain.

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