Fort Maximus Bootleg Transformer

First, let me set the stage for this toy. I know absolutely nothing about the Transformers toy line. This particular page is a review done by a member of the Bootleg Toys Mailing List. The guys name? Kasady Voorhees. He took the pics and did the review. 
Y'know, the funny thing is, there are tons and tons of Transforming toys out here where I live. But I couldn't tell ya if they were Transformers, Gundam or whatnot. I've even thought about buying them and just posting pics to see if anybody could ID them. But the Transforming toys are probably the most expensive out there. Now on to Kasady's review.....

Odds are if you were into Transformers in the 80's, then you've heard of Fortress Maximus. He was one of the most famous, being the largest Transformer toy ever made, standing at 2 feet tall. His current collector value is quite a bit, going for $300-$800 on eBay. He also had numerous parts, and is the only double Headmaster in that one robot formed his head, and a smaller
Headmaster figure formed the head of that robot. 
 Of course, there was a 4 inch Fort Max int he Transformers Juniors set, but
he is not the focus here. Neither is the 2 foot tall version. This is a 7 inch tall knockoff. Here's the card logo:

Uranus 5-in-1. That is the line the bootleggers decided on here. Why 5 in 1, I have no idea, seeing as he only has 3 modes.

Though they must consider some halfway transformations as modes for some reason. As for the figure itself:

Pretty accurate representation of the 2 foot tall version. Though the mini Headmaster figure forms the head, not a bigger robot. This is due to the scale. The green logo is missing, however(note the Autobot sticker I added myself. The toy had no stickers whatsoever). Here are the accessories it came with:

The mini Headmaster "Spike"m 2 guns, and the arm ramps. The radar dish from the mode pics was not included, the chest guns and leg guns are attached to the figure, and there are no other parts. However, the instructions from the card say otherwise:

This is lifted from the 2 foot tall Fort Max instructions. The is the first panel only. I did not scan the rest. However, all parts listed from the original Fort Max are on here. Max's name is changed to Uranus, the rest are unchanged. The rest of the instrutions were all lifted, and had lots of stuff this toy doesn't.
 I have no real idea as to the origins of this figure. It is not an upscaled Juniors version, as that version had little detail and does not match this. It would not make sense to scale down the 2 foot version. I have heard of a mini Fort Max handed out at BotCon that matches this. I doubt Botcon would distribute any bootlegs, so it seems this is either ripped from a rare mold, or if this was the BotCon version, is a completely new mold. However, the Spike figure does match the 2 foot tall version of Spike, as it is the same mold.

Okay, let's give it up for Kasady! Now I gotta tell ya, I have seen this toy out here in my neck of the world. Would it ever have made it to this site? Nope! I didn't recognize it as a Transformer bootleg toy. Not only that, this toy isn't cheap. All the dealers that sell Transforming toys (knock offs and bootlegs) seem to equate size with cost. The bigger the card or the box, the more expensive the toy. Transforming toys usually come on HUGE cards or good sized boxes. Transforming toys like the one on this page usually run between $6-$12. 
All right everybody, let's give Kasady a BIG Bootleg Thanks for taking the time to photograph this toy and write up a review. 

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