Fox Steel

It certainly didn't take long for any Max Steel bootleg toys to show up. I actually found these toys at a 99 Cents Only store. I was kinda surprised to find them there. While there, I also spotted some ECW wrestling bootlegs AND some Dragoonball GT bootleg figures. I had never seen any bootleg toys at this store before. It was quite a shocker to see three different toy lines. 
Anyways, here is one of Max Steel's bootleg brothers....


Okay, there are four figures in this bootleg toy series. The figures stand about six inches tall. The card Fox Steel is mounted on measures 7.5" X 11". The card art even features some artwork that was ripped off from the real Max Steel packaging. The lower right drawing is the card art from the Mountain Attack Action Max Steel package. The top right is the Sky Striker Max Steel artwork. The last piece of stolen art is from the Super Agent Action Figure packaging. 
The bootleggers were pretty blatant at ripping off the art. 
There are four figures in the series. Here are the other three Fox Steel bootlegs.


Lessee, left to right, the figures look to be bootlegs of Secret Agent Max Steel, N Tek Max Stell and finally, the guy on the right is Panther Claw Max. Yes, these figures come with accessories. The bootleg Panther Claw Fox Steel even comes with the "Claw" that the real figure comes with. 
All in all, these are a pretty neat little bootlegs. The paint jobs are just slightly different from the real figures. These aren't the first Max Steel bootlegs I have managed to snag. Coming soon..... The Power Steel bootlegs.