Furby Squeeze Bootleg Toy

All right, here is another Furby bootleg/knock off toy. Only this toy has not been given a name by the bootleggers who made it.
This Furby look-a-like comes in a Furbyish ( is that a word?) like box. While the box has the same stars on it as a real Furby box, there is a difference.
Check out this bootleg toy against a Furby.

Well, the box does have some similarities. The key word is some. Basically, the colors on the front of the box match the Furby box colors. The back and sides of the bootleg Furby box are blue instead of purple.

Why do I call this Furby bootleg toy a Furby Squeeze bootleg? Well, the thing isn't a battery operated toy. Instead, there is a small voice box located inside the Furby bootleg toy. In order to get the toy to talk, all you gotta do is squeeze it. Then the toy talks in that special Furby voice. One of the things it says is "I love you".  That's all I got out of this toy before the voice box broke. No kidding! One squeeze and it was finished. I may go out and buy another one to see what else the darn thing says.

Here is a pic of the Furby Squeeze toy all by itself and out of the box:

Now this toys ears are much bigger than the "real" Furby's ears are. This guys eyes are blue. As a matter of fact, the only thing that moves on this toy are the eyes. The mouth is in a fixed position. The whole face is made of one plastic mold. Including the sensor beween the eyes. I have only seen this figure in white.
This isn't a bad little toy. I'm just sorry that the voice box broke so quickly on me. If I do go buy another one, I hope that the voice box lasts a little longer.

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