Galaxy Combat II

Here is another Star Wars knock off. This one is another cheap set of toys that is obviously trying to capitalize on the Star Wars phenomenom.  
First, check out the ships. And if ya see a vague resemblence to any Star Wars ships....

This ship is called the Y-Eagle. 


Here is a Star Eagle.



This vehicle is called The At-Eagle. Notice the legs? This thing is designed to walk. Sorta like a certain vehicle from the original Star Wars trilogy.



Here is the last vehicle in this series. It is called a T-Eagle.  

All of these plastic vehicles come with a small figure that can be inserted into the cockpit of the ship. The ships also can fire a small missile. Heck! These ships even come with some cheeesy sound and light effects.

On the back of the card are drawings of the vehicles along with their names and weapons.  
Here is an example of two of them. 

Now I know this isn't much to compare to Star Wars, but get a load of the next picture.



Here is the logo for the ships. These toys are packaged under the name Galaxy Combat II Return Of Star Walker.  
There are even a couple of figures doing battle with light sabres. Now somebody tell me this doesn't shout out Star Wars to ya. 

Y'know, this toy got me thinking. Where do the manufacturers of these toys come up with the names of their toy lines? I mean, do they sit around and have meetings to come up with the names?  
I can just see somebody sitting around a conference room saying "Wait! I have it! Let's call these toys Return Of Star Walker!!"  And voila! Return Of Star Walker it is.

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