Galaxy War I


What the heck are these toys doing on this page? And what the heck do they have to do with Star Wars? 
Well, let's see. The toys don't look anything like Star Wars characters or ships. Those figures are little army soldiers. The background of the card looks like some kind of lightning bolts coming out of a sun. 
What the heck do these toys have to do with Star Wars? 
Well, these toys have nothing to do with Star Wars. But check out the card. 
Galaxy War 1? Hmmm, could this be a take off of Star Wars Episode 1? Say, is that Darth Maul on the top right corner? Maybe? Could that be a Stormtrooper wannabe on the left side of the label? Who's that holding the duel blade light sabre? Luke Skywalker or maybe an older Anakin Skywalker? Well, who knows. All I know is that this certainly screams Star Wars rip off to me. 
This toy line called Galaxy War I certainly has Star Wars roots, don't ya think? The six different playsets in this line of toys have nothing to do with Star Wars. Yet the makers of this toy have made a giant effort to capitalize on Episode One of the Star Wars movie series. 
I suppose we should all start getting ready to find more toys that have an Episode One theme to them soon, eh? 


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