Gargoyles Bootleg Toys

Anybody remember the cartoon Gargoyles? I sure do! Mostly cuz one of my sisters was totally into this cartoon. Anyways, here is a series of bootleg toys based on the Gargoyles toy line. I gotta tell ya, this is actually a pretty good looking set. If ya didn't handle the package, I daresay it would fool just about anybody.


Above is a bootleg Battle Goliath figure. This toy comes on a card that measures 11" X 7". The bubble that the figure is mounted under is sturdier than what ya would find on most bootleg toys. But the most unusual thing about this series is that each figure has the correct insert in the bubble. Yes, the bootleggers went the extra mile and matched the insert to each figure. Now that's something ya don't see too often. 
What you always see (or don't see) on bootleg toy packaging is the trademark or copyright info that normally comes on any kind of package. Naturally, ya don't see it here. 
There are also a few typos on the back of the card. Most notably is how the bootleggers spelled the Goliath characters name. How about Coliath? 

This is the Goliath bootleg figure. I have no idea how accurate any of these figures are compared to the "real" ones. 
I suppose the armor and accessories that come with the figure are the wrong shade of gold. 


Boy, it's a good thing the bootleggers included the correct insert for each figure. I never woulda figured out who is who. Believe it or not, but I couldn' t find any toy pics of the Gargoyles toy line anywhere on the net. 
This figure is Steel Clan Robot. The rifle that comes with this toy is the same color as Steel Clan Robot's wings. 


This guy's name is Broadway. The wings that come with this toy are not attached to the figure. The inside of the wings have also been painted (quite sloppy too) green.
The two accessories that come with this toy are both a dull gray color.


This is Strike Hammer MacBeth. If ya believe the back of the package, this would be Strike Hammes MacBeth.
Based on the pic of this figure on the card back. I would have to say that the paint job is waaaay off. I don't think this guy's shoulder pads and gloves should be painted green. At least, NOT that green. The bullets across his chest probably should be painted yellow. 
All the weapons that come with this figure are black. My guess is that the weapons should be silver.


Hudson is the last figure in the series. His wings are painted brown like the figures upper torso. 
I'd bet that the paint job on this figure has been botched big time. 
Hudson comes with a gray sword. 


FYI, most of these figures stand about five and a half inches tall. The packaging for these toys really is pretty good. If ya didn't look really close at the packages, then there's a good chance you'd think these toys were the real deal. But they aren't. And if ya ever see them, don't be fooled. There are bootleg toys.
Well, that's it for this Gargoyles bootleg toy series. But this isn't the only one out there. I have some others laying around somewhere. If I ever dig them up, I'll post them to the site. But that's for another day. 

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