GI Joe Bootleg Toys
  Okay, I do not buy the G. I. Joe 4.5 inch figure toy line. I am more of a Classic Collection G. I. Joe collector. But I saw these figures and I knew I just had to have them for my website. These are bootleg toys of the 4.5 inch G. I. Joe toy line. 
Here is a brief description of the cards these figures are mounted on. Along with a brief description of the figure. Maybe at a later date, I will post close ups of these guys. 
I have four bootleg toys from this series. I don't know how many different figures are bootlegged. But I suspect there are more than these four out there. The cards are about 10.5 inches by 7 inches. The GI Joe name on the card is simply a sticker that was stuck on the card. The bubble, while still fragile, is more sturdy than the bubbles on other bootleg toys I have. 
Each figure measures four and a half inches tall and the paint jobs on these guys is really quite good for a bootleg toy. I don't know if these are the same paint jobs as the authentic toys, but they do resemble the pics of the figures on the back of the card. Although, the picture on the back of the card is a very poor copy. The color of the pic is not very sharp and the figures appear out of focus. The weapons that come with the figures appear to be the correct ones. 

A BIG THANKS to John Slovak for identifying these figures for me. 

Here they are...................... 

  Lt Stone and MetalHead
 Lt. Stone            Metalhead
 Freight and Inferno
Freight          Inferno


Here is the card back. As you can see, the quality of the pic is very poor.
Card Back

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